Learning Bachata is essential for every Salsa student & is also a great way to get you feet wet in the world of Latin dance.  Students find that they progress at a faster rate then they thought they would.  This beautiful dance comes to us from the Dominican Republic & here in the US, there are essentially two different styles of Bachata:

Bachata Tradicional– Uses lots of fun footwork & musicality & is a very “grounded” dance.  The music is also more “traditional” or “classic” in the sense that it uses the original instruments that were found in the Bachata music played in the mid 20th century.  You might listen to Juan Bautista, Anthony Santos, or Raulin Rodriguez if you were looking to dance some Traditional Bachata

Bachata Urbana-AKA modern Bachata was really developed here in the US & focuses less on the footwork of traditional Bachata & more on spins, patterns & arm styling that is quite often seen in Salsa.  As far a s the music is concerned, Romeo Santos, Prince Royce, and Adventura are familiar names in the Urban Bachata scene.

WHAT DO WE TEACH AT SCR STUDIOS??  The answer to that is, we teach a mixture of both!!!!  Our teachers have studied & love both styles!!  The foundation for both styles is relatively similar & we find that our students can have more fun in the clubs & become more adverse dancers if they get exposure to both styles.  We allow our students to gravitate towards which ever style fits their personal tastes on their own.