Private Lessons are great for those who cannot make it to regularly scheduled class times, or for those who want to work at a slower or faster pace than the group classes, or if you simply want to perfect a technique or are just too shy to start in group classes!

Once you have purchased your private lessons (you can purchase them on-line), you will receive an email in a few days with the upcoming times slots available for lessons.  Your private lessons will have an expiration date of one year from the time of purchase.

Purchase a package of 2 private lessons for $65/hr for 1-2 people = package price = $130.00

Purchase a one hr private lesson for $70/hr for 1-2 people = $70.00


Semi-Privates are also available, so if you and another couple or a group of friends want to take some lessons but can’t come during a regularly scheduled class time, we can schedule you a semi-private class.

Semi private class with 3-4 people = $24.00/per person
Semi-Private class with 5-6 people = $18.00/per person