We teach two types of Salsa, Cuban Salsa & L.A. Salsa (Otherwise known as Salsa “On1”)

Cuban Salsa 

Learn to dance Salsa the way it’s done in Cuba! We’ll teach you the fundamentals to a dance that is rich in culture and history, emphasizing the social and movement aspects that make it unique. You will learn the Basic Lead & Follow Techniques & Footwork that will allow you to feel comfortable with a partner on the dance floor.  Once you have a good understanding of the basic figures & footwork, you will be graduated to the Adv. Beginner class.  The amount of time you will take the beginning Salsa class is dependent on how much you practice & how often you come to class-for some people it is three months-for others it might be six months.  Advancement is at the teacher’s discretion.  Please pre-register with the Richland Parks & Rec.  Their phone # is  509-942-7529.

Cuban Salsa level 1&2 is on Tuesdays @ 6:00pm at the Richland Community Center.

Check out this video here for one aspect of Cuban Salsa!


 LA Style Salsa On1 

LA style Salsa, also known as “On1” is the most common type of salsa seen here on the west coast, followed closely by Cuban Style salsa & then NY style-On2.  The “On1” just refers to the timing in which it is danced, all of which you will be taught in class!

 LA Style Salsa On1 (level 1 & 2) 8:00pm Tuesdays @ the Richland Community Center

This class is for those who have  0-4 months worth of classes & it is taught at the Richland Community Center on Tues. @ 8:00pm.  Please pre-register with the Richland Parks & Rec.  Their phone # is  509-942-7529.  Once we feel you have the basic concepts of right turns, CBL, inside turns, outside turns,  & footwork, we will let you know you are ready to move onto the Level 2.5 class which is held at our studio in Kennewick.

LA Style Salsa On1 (LEVEL 2.5) -6:15pm Thursdays @ our studio in Kennewick

We will not work on any foundational concepts taught in Level 1 & 2  in this class as you are expected to understand them prior to enrolling in this class.    We will work on Copas, basic checks, basket moves, beginning double spins & other advanced beginner concepts.  Pre-registration is recommended & can be done on this website.

LA Style Salsa On1 (LEVEL 3.0) -7:15pm Thursdays @ our studio in Kennewick

Instructors permission required to attend this class. We will work on more advanced footwork, styling, combinations, multiple turns & more advanced concepts such as sliding windows, illusion (or touch & go)turns, whips, 360’s, arm spirals,  triple spins, & wraps.