Kizomba is an African rhythm, developed in Angola in the late 20th century. Being born in a continent with a effervescent musical history, Kizomba is a result of an evolution: young generations, listening to traditional music like Semba, felt something was missing – a modern and sensual touch. Adding an electronic percussion with a slow and sensual rhythm… kizomba was born.

During the passing years kizomba has developed and spread worldwide as a music that catches your ear and a dance that catches your soul. Many other related sounds and dancing patterns have been developing at the same time, not only in Angola but also Cape Verde and Antilles among others

The basic make up of Kizomba is easy enough for beginners to learn, but the dance as a whole is challenging enough to keep advanced dancers learning for years.  This beautiful dance & its music are sweeping the salsa scenes in the U.S., including the Northwest scenes.

Here is a great example of one style of Kizomba from one of our amazing guest instructors, Iris de Brito